Missions Statements

INSIST aims to catalyze and grow the sustainability movement in India . The mission of INSIST is to infuse every sector of society with sustainable pathways. It will do so through cutting edge research, innovative approaches to education, high quality consultancy services to firms and government agencies, and the production of thought provoking media to engage publics at large. From the get go, INSIST is committed to building the best products and processes, in partnership with other institutions. INSIST will also be pragmatic, rather than theoretical, and will emphasize grounded, real world solutions bearing in mind available resources, materials, and skills.
INSIST will bring best-practice collaborations from wherever possible to spread sustainability technologies and pedagogy or experiments in re-organising systems and design .

Research and Innovation

INSIST aims to address the challenges of environmental governance in India with innovative research. We start by recognizing that there has been a tremendous amount of exciting work on designs of products. A wide range of innovators, including government agencies and grass-roots networks, have developed wonderful artifacts that enable a range of social goods — from safe drinking water to smokeless cook stoves; and from affordable housing to organic food and sustainably produced cloth. Autonomous semi-public agencies like NRDC and informal networks like Honeybee have been active for decades but innovation in sustainability has not become the movement it needs to be .

The Problem Statements!!!

The innovation problem in India is about scaling these proven designs. We believe that the reason that these proven designs are not ubiquitous is because of a host of deeper structural reasons. These include cultural issues that prevent adoption, and inadequate incentives for consumers. They also include a lack of an environment that can nurture entrepreneurs who can drive growth in this sector. There have been many errors in public policy and business strategy, and there are many examples of poor processes. There is also the absence of capital to drive growth of the sustainability sector. We believe that sustainable technologies across the board — from drinking water and sanitation, to food and nutrition, to clothing and housing, and to energy and infrastructure, can become mainstream, and thereby bring a basic quality of life to all. This will no doubt require a new generation of grounded interdisciplinary research and innovation that is cognizant of both extant as well as cutting edge technologies. Crucially, however, it simultaneously calls for these technologies to be deeply grounded in geographies and cultures, as well as embedded in skills, processes, and practices. .

How We Solve This

It is this kind of innovation in research that INSIST will forge. We call this a knowledge system approach to research and innovation. It is a heterodox approach, neither denying nor giving absolute primacy,but forging the best possible consensus given the capabilities, tools and organizational frameworks at any given site and time. With real world questions and challenges at the center, INSIST will welcome anyone who has something to contribute, whether they are credentialed academics, policy makers, bureaucrats, business persons, bankers, practicing professionals, or skilled artisans. Research and Innovation at INSIST will therefore be an exciting adventure in forging conversations between groups of people who hold the key to adoption and scaling of sustainable designs, processes, and practices. INSIST will thereby design a new architecture for collaboration and dialog. The school will essentially be a flexible node, a constantly evolving and iterative platform that engages in:Coalition Knowledge Hunting and Gathering; Nurturing and Growing; and Harvesting and Processing following the Best Of Best Global Sustainability Standards and specification.


The INSIST educational agenda is driven by exactly the same understanding. We believe that India has never been a land of mono-ideology or mono-culture. It is a many-land. A school that serves such a vibrant and heterogenous country has, by necessity, to enable a wide range of species to swim together.

We therefore do not believe, as other institutions in this field do, in either just mounting a credentiable curriculum and staffing with academics. Instead, we believe that grounded solutions for the real world rely upon innovation as a continuous flow and a system of learning by doing. Our curriculum will therefore be set up to work through and address complex puzzles — some cultural, some technological, some business strategy and capital, some about governance, and some about skill and materials. The puzzles will focus on some key sectors to begin with. Initially, we envisage three foci: a) sustainable food systems, including organic agriculture; b) sustainable housing and public infrastructures, including transport, energy and sanitation; and c) design, focused on technologies, systems and practices that produce everyday objects such as clothing, sustainably. In other words, the proverbial Roti, Kapda, and Makaan again. The point of an INSIST education will however be to be enable our students, the future designers of tomorrow, to not only design well, but understand cultural contexts that will determine adoption, have the skills to craft real world solutions, and the business savvy to determine the best strategies to scale.

With this in mind, we will recruit in a heterodox manner. Our faculty will consist of both academics who are at the top of their fields, as well as leading designers, architects, innovative thinkers, businessmen, and traditional craftsmen or farmers. This heterodox faculty will directly address real world problems, and challenge their students in the process. They will also collaborate with colleagues in some of the world’s leading institutes engaging in research on sustainability and design, with whom ISIS will forge collaborative agreements. The student pool will also be heterodox. While insisting on a basic educational grounding, we will recruit the most promising young innovators and ‘left-field’ thinkers from every community and caste in the country.


INSIST is also deeply committed to the principle of partnership and collaboration, and to multiple centers of learning and sharing. We will work with any existing institution, governmental agency, or private company interested in mounting a sustainability curriculum or augmenting the capacity of its personnel. We will also invest in professionals, at any stage in their careers, who either wish to change track and work in the field of innovation in sustainability, or incorporate sustainability principles in their industry. ISIS will help offer a wide menu of choices to study, to teach, to experiment, to research, to innovate, and build.


INSIST is keen to ensure that people who work through our programs have access to capital and other forms of assistance needed to become entrepreneurs and drive growth in their chosen sector. With this in mind, we will innovate on incubation models proven in fields such as IT, and build approaches such as the Y-combinator in to the very core of our education.


INSIST is also deeply committed to engaging the publics, firms, and politicians of India. To this end, we will stage events that demonstrate technologies, ideas, processes, and best practices. We will also produce engaging media and nurture conversations and dialogue.

In the long term, INSIST is keen to augment the capacity of the entire sustainability sector in India. Based on our research and innovation we will, in time, offer consultancy services to a range of concerns, from governmental to private, and across scales. In doing so, we will also bring the world's most creative professionals and challenge them to innovate in Indian conditions.


In the research space: tie up with research lying shelved in labs and experiments that did not take off due to any reasons. Creating a database of non-flowered sustainability researchers and experimenters and how they could be recovered . To see what needs to be re-invented , what needs to be rescued and what needs to be re-established . We will also do cross national research with projects happening anywhere in the Global South or with concerned scientists and groups in the Global North.

In the catalytic space:

We plan to create a connect with sustainability organizations and angel and venture funds anywhere who are interested in the green futures , in an iterative or disruptive process . We are about creating criss-crossing pipelines of research institutions, businesses , innovators , funds and grassroot and garage start-ups .

-- What is the scope for growth?

A whole new sustainable post-industrial movement is waiting to begin that finds local, regional and global resolutions with new kinds of partnerships, open-source research in partnership with patent driven entities because both grow with each other . Each has its strengths . We are about balancing the public-private-community and profit-responsibilty- creativity matrix .

-- How many players are there?

Many in niche but no one building the whole network .

-- What is the opportunity; how can it scale?

We need to build an online platform of sustainability so new partners can be found, funds can be matched, something like a continous trade fair online.

-- How will we change the landscape in India and the world?

We will bring the reality firstly that sustainability can be attempted as its rampant already but not connected and rightly presented . A new paradigm is needed which is about a million hybrids of partnerships , not seen in classic entities of state/private .

We will build an institution on our core values of celebrating Diversity, Creativity and Sustainability .


The INSIST initiative is managed by a consortium of individuals, INSTITUTION AND INDUSTRY partners all working under an umbrella agreement to create and operate the INISIT

The Products

The INISIT Training Facilities and consulting will train Individuals, Institutions, Industry, NGO, and other professionals on how to execute different methods for new PROJECTS and for retrofits of existing ECO SYSTEMS to achieve global level of efficiency, reliability and Sustainability .

The INSIST will identify and conduct feasibility studies on disruptive products and processes .It will also act as a facilitator and hand holder in establishment of these principles and products in the Indian /global market place.

The INSIST will conduct cross country collaboration with Institutions and Industry to develop and deploy tailor made cost effective best of best practices and solutions that work for eradicating the Poverty, Pollution and population challenges.

The INSIST will engage and endorse different Climate Change and mitigation programs .Integrating the “triple bottom line” with the various tools and technology available to alleviate communities and individuals from the clutches of poverty, gender bias and child labour.

The INSIST will seek creative avenues besides the normal methods available to spread the Sustainability Mission .This includes liberal use of open source resources and relationships to foster a continuous open forum contributing community .


1. Develop an educational and implementation plan that will explain and promote the principles and construction methods necessary for both new and the appropriate retrofitting of existing projects to insist standards. Such plan will include manuals, videos as well as classroom and hands on educational activities.

2. Secure capital to be used to physically create The INSIST Institute which will be a "brick and mortar" educational facility serving to educate, train, educate and certify to techniques, technology and training.

3. Establish a program, which will serve to license Industry, Individuals and Institutions in INSIST techniques, technology and training and support them in their efforts to establish them as INSIST retrofit specialists with continuing education and expert advice.

4. Through the education process create a roster of Certified INSIST Trainers , Inspectors and Institutions.

Products and Services

The INSIST concepts will provide an understanding of how different components should all work together as a smart sustainable system to produce a high level of energy efficiency, reliability and sustainability. INSIST is primarily concerned for increased energy efficiency, reliability and sustainability for all of the other components that comprise the SDG Index and the Green Economy. Using the support of renewable energy systems ,Internet Of Things,M2M,Virtual Power Plants, Distributed Energy generation, health and sanitation, OH&S ,water usage optimization, organic agricultural techniques, carbon credits, Zero Emissions and Zero Unemployment programs.

The INSIST Training Facilities will train companies, the trades, and other professionals on how to execute different construction methods for new projects and for Deep Energy efficiency Retrofits ,Reliability and Sustainability (DEERRS) of existing PROJECTS,PROCESSES AND EQUIPMENTS to achieve the INSIST level of certifications.

The program will also utilize a hands-on approach by systematically retrofitting a series of existing facilities and processes to INSIST standards. This format will be followed by every INSIST Training Facility.

Beyond the school experience, a support system is being developed that will help graduates utilize what they have learned in the classroom into the field. This program will offer assistance, specific to any projects being undertaken, as well as financing packages. The goal is to not just train people, but to also support them in their efforts to grow a INSIST retrofit business and to expand what INSIST has to offer.

Product and Services Description

In addition to disseminating INSIST concepts and information through trainings, there is the potential to support the construction of INSIST Certified business and products. Such a program will further help to facilitate taking the INSIST concepts into the field. Professional analysis of individual projects will be available along with on-site ongoing support, as well as financial packages specifically designed for INSIST projects.

The major component of the INSIST concept centers on constructing a very high energy efficient ;a very reliable and self sustaining closed ecosystem envelope or enclosure. Keeping both material and labor costs down are also emphasized to make sure that the cost associated with meeting Standards are as economical as possible and therefore feasible for all levels of enterprise and interventions.

INSIST Training Facilities will be the first in the WORLD. to put a major emphasis on INSIST programs and retrofits of existing ecosystems. Training programs for new projects will also be offered. These programs will be the first to concentrate on training the field personnel (skilled n workers, contractors, professional and small business entrepreneurs) on what is required.

A tremendous amount of knowledge is being gained in the Energy Efficiency, education, reliability and sustainability industry by science professionals and auditors; however, translating that information to the business and trades people in the field is not being undertaken. The INSIST also plans on offering continuing support to trainee graduates in the field. Such services are currently not being offered by industry professionals.

The INSIST Standard rises well above what the International Energy Commission Codes (IECC) recommend .


The school will emphasize INSIST methods that employ currently accepted global Best Of Best methods and practices which are slightly modified to. Proven products already exist and are easily available for both new and existing business. Newer technologies capable of meeting INSIST energy efficiency standards ,simply need to comply with INSIST standards. The challenge when working with newer products is keeping their costs down so as to be affordable by the average business at the same time deliver the desired outcomes.


Sourcing is not a major concern for INSIST. The materials,toolsand technology needed are available today the implementation techniques and methodology can be easily taught.

The INSIST objective is to keep costs at a level which is affordable to the average business owner and micro enterprise . INSIST addresses both new as well as existing projects. The major looming problem with the adoption of INSIST standards is that there are few existing practitioners who currently have the knowledge and skill to adequately comply to INSIST standards. Hence, this is precisely why there is a great need to have a training certification such as the one the INSIST Training Facilities will provide.

By virtue of its energy & cost saving potential, as well as its economic and environmental benefits, the INSIST concept should have wide spread appeal and acceptance to all. In addition to creating millions of new jobs in the new INSIST retrofit industry, individuals enterprise, materials manufacturers & suppliers, bankers, realtors, governments and environmentalists will also benefit from INSIST’s multiple and diverse benefits.