INSIST network across the globe and in particularly India leverages "verythiing under the Mission mandate of MAKE IN INDIA & DESIGN IN INDIA .The INSIST INTENDS TO INTEGRATE ALL SUCH INTERVENTIONS POSSIBLE IN A PROGRESSIVE PARTNERSHIP PLATFORM


With this ethical eco system as the benchmark. INSIST provides A SINGLE platform of opportunity for all business and social enterprises to optimally utilise this platform and further their business goals .Business can benefit in multi tier partnership and support programs with the INSIST.So if you are social good business house with innovative ideas, products and services THAT WILL BENEFIT MANKIND AND THE HEALTH OF EARTH .We would love to talk. Please send us a ONEPAGE write up about yourselves


In a country as diverse as INDIA communication is a very vital part of the connectivity conduit. There exists a "critical gap" .INSIST goals are to make visible these "critical gaps" to evolve solutions that serve the larger good.Our endeavour is to showcase Innovations in the helix of sustainability cycle, agnostic about source of origin and solution .The Progressive Partnership Platform provides business and services to showcase their Innovations to the whole INSIST network.This can be both a free service or a paid partnership. Depending on the Total Life Cycle of products, innovations, services and solutions .Business’s will find this a very cost effective process to Brand Build form one to one tomulti level opportunities in a Fast ,Independent, Simple ,Smart and ethical manner. If your business finds this an interesting way to propagate and prosper.We would love to talk .Please send us an ONEPAGE write up about INNOVATION


Business in the 21st Century must keep Reinventing with Disruptions that acts as true life time life cycle solutions .Solutions that will ease the way we do things for a better life .To remain in the competitive edge of consistently servicing the critical demands requires new ways to seek and service the solutions in innovative and practical ways.Business’s will need to develop new methodologies and pilots to deliver proof of concepts .INSIST intends to foster these Business’s and find suitable partners and resources to help growth of business and employment. So if your Business Sustainable Solution that is line with our vision.We would love to talk. Please send an ONEPAGE write up about your NEWS


Business and enterprises must Invent Interventions innovatively to be competitive and meaningful in the Social do good business economy. These Interventions can range form a single one off or complete governance and deployment of standards ,schedules and specifications .Introduced for increased productivity, profits and empowerment. These Interventions can be in partnerships or of and from individual in character and source.The INSIST provides a platform for all these Interventions to be showcased and replicated.So if your business or enterprise has developed,designed,deployed any such interventions.We would love to know more about it.Please write a ONEPAGE write up about the INTERVENTION


In a SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY business’s will be challenged with Services and type of services .This emerging market of smart sustainable living will have very specific demands and requirements. Resource mobilisation and optimisation is the key to remain competitive in this fast paced market sector. Disruptive services will be the need of the hour to tackle the opportunities and system grid locks. INSIST looks forward to sharing and helping optimise these services to a greater reach.

If you provide services in the SUSTAINBILITY Sector we would love to know more .Please send us an ONEPAGE write up about your SERVICES


The Green Economy will require fresh tools and training to facilitate and implement the new era of Clean technology. Tools and training programs will be have to be innovative to fast track implementation and play a crucial role in defining profitability and success of Business and enterprise. INSIST understands that each tool will be different and address different critical gaps of the Industry. If your business has developed any such tool and or training pack that the progressive platform of partnership can benefit. We would love to know more .Please send an ONEPAGE write up describing your training and